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Does biometric authentication dangle the crucial thing to a vivid destiny or Pandora's box?

Forgot your password? Maybe that won’t be an difficulty within the close to future.

As an choice to ordinary virtual authentication that requires folks to enter numbers or words to show their identity, biometric authentication, which makes use of people’s bodily traits, has swap into an increasingly widespread feature, specifically in well-liked cellular devices.

Because of its convenience and excessive stage of accuracy, the govt. believes such technology should also be used to name the holders of integrated circuit (IC) chip-equipped My Number cards, that can also just probably be distributed from January.

But will biometric authentication update passwords? This week’s FYI seems to be on the issue.
What is biometric authentication?
Biometric authentication is a virtual identification technique utilizing the bodily tendencies or behavioral conduct of folks to unlock gadgets or entry private information, according to the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), a government-aff…

Can farmed tuna save the bluefin from extinction?

In 1970, a examine workforce at Kinki University’s Fisheries Laboratory in Wakayama Prefecture was handed what was believed to be an impossible activity - to create technology that could help the fully-closed life-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna.

Joining a host of rival home universities and organizations as edge of a government-backed project, Kinki University was given just three years to succeed.

In reality, however, it took extra than three many years to whole its objective.

Kinki University’s Fisheries Laboratory was based in 1948, just three years after the country’s defeat in World War II. During a time of poverty and profound meals shortages, the examine middle was constructed based mostly on the catchcry of the university’s inaugural president, Koichi Seko:

“Cultivate the seas!”
And this is exactly what the laboratory has attempted to do ever since. Prior to the aforementioned bluefin tuna project, the college successfully raised from eggs fish reminiscent of halibut, red …

As technology improves, destiny of natural photo voltaic cells appears bright

The stereotypical picture of photo voltaic cells would possibly be of panels put on the roofs of houses or of huge rivers of panels lined up on big swaths of land, typically referred to as mega-solar projects.
But there may be a form of photo voltaic cellular that's fairly different: natural photo voltaic cells, which are typically a lot thinner, lighter and extra flexible.

Although the quantity of persistent that natural photo voltaic cells can generate from daylight is decrease than conventional cells, professionals say that there may be room for improvement, with many arguing they might be an tremendous software for slashing carbon dioxide emissions, in part, as a result of their pliable nature.

“Normally, photo voltaic cells that of us think are ones on the roof which may be heavy and agency … (but) natural photo voltaic cells are very faded and flexible, so they ought to be arrange in puts the place it's far going to be physically impossible to manage ordinary photo volt…

Government to back AI technology development in medical, production sectors

The government plans to sell the pattern of synthetic intelligence technology in cooperation with different entities for use in medical, manufacturing and different sectors to mitigate the anticipated labor shortages which will end end effect from an growing old society, officers mentioned Friday.

The public-private initiative will contain 20 companies and study institutions such because the government-backed Riken study institute, Toyota Motor Corp. and NEC Corp.

The science ministry, which oversees Riken, is planning to search ¥10 billion ($ 99.7 million) within the fiscal 2017 finances for fees associated to the project, that's anticipated to run for 10 years.

In the clinical field, AI technology is anticipated to be utilized in diagnosing the signs of sufferers and advising docs on most excellent remedies by means of way of reading electronic clinical files and vast quantities of information on same cases.

In the manufacturing sector, for example, AI technologies might be use…