Tales of Panji, supply of proposal to read meanings of life

The story of Panji, a Javanese cultural hero whose complete identify is Prince Panji Inu Kertapati, has lengthy been a subject of educational research.

Lydia Kieven, a German academic, conducted her examine into Panji in a lot of temples in East Java beginning in 1996. Her doctoral thesis at Sydney University was later adapted into the information Menelusuri Figur Bertopi di Relief Candi era Majapahit (Following the Cap-Figure in Majapahit Temple Reliefs).

“I use a technique that covers iconography, iconology and symbolism interpretation according to the data from historical strains on temple reliefs,” stated Lydia when talking as a visitor lecturer at Malang State University (UM) on Wednesday.

The subject of her lecture was “Analyzing the story of Panji” utilizing the technique of art research.
Kieven thinks pretty of the story of Panji, as it's an instance of a brand new variety and creativity proven by artists, in reaction to art and literature within the Majapahit era. It can also be unusual by the actuality that the story isn't overshadowed by Indian epics the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
“It is classified as folklore, but it's sacred, as a result of it being portrayed at the reliefs on such a sacred region as a temple,” explained Kieven.

She went on to level out examples of reliefs carved at the partitions of Penataran temple in Blitar, East Java. The story of Panji is portrayed at the terraces of pendopo (Javanese gazebos), whereas reliefs at the foremost temple depict the tales of the Ramayana and Kresnayana, which originated in India and are comparable to the gods.

Panji is the information who connects humanity with the realms of the gods.
“The story of Panji itself focuses closely at the romance between Panji and Candrakirana. It is set separation, a experience to seem for every unique and a reunification,” stated Kieven. “However,” she continued, “there are many life values that ought to be extracted from the story, akin to tough work and resolution to gain the aims of life.”

Kieven acknowledges unique interpretations amongst researchers. Yet the changes are open to additional discussion, making the subject fabric for interdisciplinary examine to cease up as educational and typical publications.

The researcher thinks the preservation of Panji is already on track, no less than by means of the revitalization of the Panji culture in Java. Performances of masked dance theater and educational sports akin to workshops, seminars or cultural discussions have taken place, as nicely as global Panji gala's in lots of Indonesian cities.

“The legacy of Panji is embodied in new artworks founded mostly on tradition, and all of the efforts to safeguard this art have culminated in UNESCO record it within the Memory of the World in 2017,” stated Kieven, agreeing that Panji is a product of native genius that has unfold no longer just round the archipelago but in addition to Indochina.

She thinks that at its core, historical art types might turn out to be the supply of proposal to read in regards to the meanings of life, extra than simply a examine topic.
“Get to know, understand, savor and hold Panji to the level of transformation as a cultural identity, so that the reliefs at the temples aren't simply backgrounds for taking selfies,” stated Kieven. (mut)


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