Couples needed for male contraceptive gel scientific trial

Two British universities are seeking couples to volunteer for a "groundbreaking" trial of a male contraceptive gel.

Eighty grownup men beneath the age of 50 who're in a strong courting with an grownup girl beneath 34 are being recruited by means of means of the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh.

For the subsequent NULL years, they might be requested to make use of a each day gel as "their sole technique of delivery control" and attend a clinic month-to-month to observe their sperm count.
The gel, known as NES/T, is a hormone-based cure designed to scale back sperm production with out affecting libido. It is to be utilized to the higher fingers and shoulders.

'Safe and easy way'

Condoms and vasectomies are lately the merely varieties of contraception handy to men. While condoms are over 98% advantageous at combating pregnancies whilst used correctly, their effectiveness is, in reality, nearer to 85%, according to the American NGO Planned Parenthood. The contraception burden has hence oftentimes fallen on girls but many trip ugly facet results upon taking the capsule adding headaches and migraines, temper swings and weight achieve - though Britain's well being service, the NHS, stated there may be just no longer any proof linking the capsule to weight gain.

Additionally, the capsule isn't advised for girls over the age of 35 who smoke or girls with sure scientific conditions.

Researchers desire the male contraceptive gel would be a sustainable selection technique for couples.
"We trust this education will permit men to manipulate their fertility in a secure and easy way," Dr Cheryl Fitzgerald, Consultant Gynaecologist at Saint Mary's Hospital and Manchester University stated in a statement .


Research into different ways of male contraception has been ongoing for a couple of years.

A hormonal injection to be accomplished each eight weeks was discovered to be 96% advantageous however the one-year trial was stopped by means of means of World Health Organization in 2016 to tackle the reported facet results which covered acne, temper swings, muscle ache and greater libido.

"Previous trials have proven that hormonal contraception for men might be secure and effective," Professor Richard Anderson from the University of Edinburgh's MRC Centre for Reproductive Health stated within the statement.

"This trial permits men to self-administer a gel, which would possibly be extra convenient and proper than desiring repeated injections, as was the case with past trials," he added.

The gel, like most contraceptive ways excluding condoms, does no longer stay away from the unfold of sexually-transmitted disease.


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